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Zhejiang mobile 4G terminal orders will be sold to the brand Noain
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      In December 3rd, Zhejiang mobile in 2015 4G terminal orders through big data analysis released: Zhejiang women's mobile phone consumption is 200 yuan higher than men, and the younger the age of consumers, the greater the cost of mobile phone. It is reported that the General Assembly hot sales of mobile 4G terminal station, turnover reached 2 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 130% over last year's orders. the in the order, Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, millet, Lenovo, Coolpad, Noah letters dozens of domestic and foreign well-known mobile phone brands exhibited a new 400 a variety of 4G mobile phone from delivery platform, terminal manufacturers and distributors on behalf of more than million people attended the 4G event.          

       Deputy general manager of Zhejiang Mobile zhuhuaxin at the meeting announced: at present, Zhejiang Mobile 4G customers has more than 23 million households, 4G network realizes the depth of coverage, 4G total base at the end of the year will reach 8.67 million, population coverage rate of more than 95%.          

       It is reported that in recent years the development of Zhejiang Mobile 4G has been at the forefront of the country, the 2015 4G Mobile has completed the coverage of the province's administrative villages, a good network quality and experience, driven by the 4G mobile client and terminal sales increased rapidly. Since this year, Zhejiang Province 4G terminal sales will be more than 16 million, average daily sales of 4.5 million, every 10 this year, the replacement of the Zhejiang people, 7 people for about 4G mobile phones. At present, the mobile 4G terminal coverage of high school and low different grades of various brands, to support the models up to 990 models.          

      In August of this year, Zhejiang Mobile the 4G + HD voice (volte) and 4G + high speed network (carrier aggregation) of commercial mobile 4G + network maximum Internet speed ultra 300mbps, the user can through volte phone enjoy high-definition audio and video calls the perfect experience.          

      "Is expected in 2016, Zhejiang mobile 4G customers will reach 35 million, which means that we will be the first to enter the" national 4G "era." Zhu Hua said, "next year, Zhejiang mobile 4G base stations will be more than 10.5 million, the population coverage will reach 98%. As of the end of 2016, the mainstream 4G mobile phone will support 4G+'s high-speed network and high-definition voice function."          

       In another development, Zhejiang Mobile for mobile phone manufacturers, the channel launched a series of new policies, includes a comprehensive open sales channels for cooperation, fully open terminal after-sales service, marketing resources, supporting security services such as, by the participating manufacturers and distributors welcome.          

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