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Congratulations to Jiangxi Nanchang for new heights - TD mobile phone on the order quantity of 1.55 million
Release Time:2016-06-21 Publisher:诺亚信


       January 20, 2013, Jiangxi Province Mobile TD order successfully held in Jiangxi Nanchang International Exhibition Center, which is new year Jiangxi communications industry the first event is the mobile operators in Jiangxi Province, this red land sounded the new year first sound into the horn. And as Noah letter agent in Jiangxi province Nanchang Chao for communication equipment Co., Ltd. in this event, is a series of victories, appreciable gains victory started Noah's letter products, Noah brand into the mobile, Unicom, the three major telecom operators in the first gun, pulled open the curtain 2013 Noahs strategic shift. Noah's letter ot-t608 to sales of the first single 7662 among the best-selling models billboard seventh, second only to Lenovo, step by step, oppo and other brands of individual models. Even more gratifying is ranked on the billboard of mobile phone manufacturers in, our Noah's brand also to the sales success of 1.55 million, ranked the top ten, after Lenovo, Huawei, oppo, Jin, step by step, cool etc. well-known brands ranked seventh. Fine, precise, and strive for excellence, we are pursuing is to give more consumers more and better low quality products. I hereby wish to congratulate the Nanchang Jiangxi super communications Audio Supplies Company Limited, while other provinces and municipalities to wish each agent brothers can actively explore the operator channels, work together, following the creation of brilliant!          

    Noain's cell phone, communication zero distance!

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