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Noain's letter first TD custom machine - T918 shock listed
Release Time:2016-06-21 Publisher:诺亚信

       Noain's letter first TD custom machine - T918 shock listed          

       Noain's letter launched the latest first Chinese customized mobile phone T918, this machine support TD-SCDMA / GSM dual card dual standby, 4.0WVGA high definition touch screen, T918 simple and smooth shape, abandon all superfluous decorative elements, showing the most pure simplicity and beauty of form. Silky smooth surface of the paint, supplemented by a rich color, fully meet your touch and aesthetic needs.           

        Summer cool, the student summer replacement preferred mobile phone - Noah's letter T918 he has rich social, games, applications, experience high speed 3G mobile networks, high price, buy G3 mobile phone is selected Connaught AsiaInfo T918!          

        Passion July, shocked the market, please pay attention!

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