Research System

        Our company's research center by ID, MD, software and hardware development Ministry of three departments, and begin to build a first-class facilities, laboratories, has with other domestic first-class research team established strategic cooperative partnership. Existing senior research staff of nearly 50 people. Core technical personnel in the field of mobile phone research for many years of precipitation and accumulation, with a strong technical skills and rich experience.          

        Mobile development : the platform integrated the rich multimedia function, with great flexibility and ultra low cost advantage in audio effects, Java applications, music management software, video playback and camera effects, mass storage, photo and rapid photo browsing and other six generous mask has a strong competitive edge. The key part is the comprehensive verification and testing and in 2003 put into commercial protocol stack, applicable GSM/GPRS/EDGE standard.          

        Through test and accumulation of development process, software design and realize not only skilled in the use of relevant software technology platform, and the platform provides the infrastructure based on constructing new software framework and large application framework and software subsystems. So that the application space of software platform can be expanded, and the function of the platform can be more effective.