Organizational Structure

       Company decision-making forward-looking, fully aware of the significance of the brand strategy for the development of enterprises, determine the noain brand strategy development, and huge sums of money to introduce marketing elite in the industry, to create a to create mobile phone industry Noain's letter of marketing "dream team"          

        Shenzhen NOAIN High-technology CO.,LTD believes marketing team pragmatic pragmatic, surprisingly conservative, unity and efficient work style, to take a phased, step by step to carry out the construction of the channel, the establishment of brand building in three steps to take the strategic idea.          

         Shenzhen NOAIN High-technology CO.,LTD is a full of youthful spirit, positive, creative enterprises. Company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, service society" business philosophy and good corporate culture, improve the humanized management system, sound and modern production technology and in marketing is to support the company's development quality customer service channel network, company executives with farsighted strategic vision, attracting a large number of people of insight to join, formed a strong core technology and marketing elite team, established a company from good to great solid foundation.